New season of ABALONE WARS coming to Discovery Australia and NZ

The all new season of Abalone Wars is coming soon to Discovery Channel Australia and New Zealand.

The ocean off the tip of South Australia is home to more sharks per square kilometre than almost anywhere else in the world. The risk of death by shark attack is very real here and many locals personally know the heart ache felt from losing loved ones.

In ABALONE WARS, we follow a fleet of fiercely competitive abalone diving crews as they set out into these hostile waters and risk their lives to earn a small fortune. The divers face death every time they descend into the freezing waters, but that doesn’t stop this group of fearless men and women from scouring the ocean floor in search of the prized delicacy dubbed “abalone gold”.

Every day beneath the waves is a fight for survival against the weather, the predators and the clock to secure the catch and return home safely.

Learn how abalone divers design and construct their own cages to protect them against their most feared enemy – the Great White Shark, and join the ocean police to witness first hand their daily fight to keep poachers out of the water. 

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