Show of the Month: Luke Warm Sex



What could be more awkward (or more entertaining) than Luke McGregor talking about sex? Oh wait… Luke McGregor trying to get better at sex. Yep definitely way more awkward and seriously funnier.

Luke’s not got the greatest sexual past, but he’s a successful comedian and actor now, practically a celebrity! It can only be a matter of hours before the girls start throwing themselves at him, so he’d better turn things around.

In this six-part series, Luke McGregor is going to get better at sex with a little help from sexperts, therapists, scientists, tantric practitioners and sexual empowerment coaches; with the aim of transforming him from lukewarm to red hot. But it’s not just about “doing it”. This journey is also about understanding sexual confidence, sexual identity, pleasure, intimacy and creativity. 

Essentially a crash course in great sex, each week Luke takes on a new challenge to show us if someone as anxious as Luke can get better at sex, then anyone can!