Show of the Month: BLUE


A film about the hidden crisis lapping on our shores

From space, our planet appears as a tiny blue dot in the vastness of space. Blue, because 99% of all living space occurs in the Ocean. It’s our planets life pulse.

But the seas are under threat. The industrialization that has occurred in the oceans over the last century, mirrors the events that triggered mass extinctions on land. Industrial scale fishing, habitat destruction, species loss and pollution have placed the ocean in peril. The very nature of the sea is being irretrievably altered.

By international standards, Australia is a marine conservation leader. It has the world’s largest coral reef, the best managed fisheries and potentially, the greatest network of marine protected areas on the planet. However, the crisis of ocean change, lapping on our shores, has critical implications for the future of our country and our way of life.

Ocean guardians across the generations and around our coast are speaking out. BLUE takes us into their world, where the story of our changing ocean is unfolding. We meet those who are defending habitats, campaigning for smarter fishing, combating marine pollution and fighting for the protection of keystone species.

 Photo: Marine Bank

Photo: Marine Bank

BLUE comes at a time when we are making critical decision which will decide the legacy we leave for generations to come.

Featuring passionate advocates for ocean preservation such as Valerie Taylor, David Riggs, Madison Stewart, Jake ParkerJennifer Lavers and Tim Silverwood, BLUE highlights the issues, celebrate the successes and empower the audience to be able to make a difference of their own.

Award winning producers Northern Pictures are master storytellers in this domain, having made Life on the Reef, Saltwater HeroesGreat White Matrix and Secret Life of Pearls. We have captured over 600 hours of ultra-HD footage of Australia’s oceans.

New material designed especially for the big screen will also complete the picture. In addition to the 80 minute feature, we hope to create an immersive Dome version of BLUE as a non-linear piece exploring the industrialisation of the oceans globally with the best of our cinematography. This could be released in science museums and planetariums worldwide. We are currently in conversations with John Maynard in regards to this.

Our team are working in consultation with Greenpeace, WWF, Taronga Conservation Society, The Australian Museum, and Take3, amongst others. 

BLUE is being partially funded with philanthropic support from Good Pitch and Documentary Australia Foundation (DAF).


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The leading international forum for documentary filmmaking, Good Pitch brings together filmmakers with foundations, not-for-profits, campaigners, philanthropists, policymakers, broadcasters and key players in the film industry, around leading social and environmental issues, to forge coalitions and campaigns that are good for all these partners, good for the films and good for society.  

More than $1.1 million in philanthropic funding was committed to BLUE at the second Good Pitch2 Australia at the Sydney Opera House on September 16, 2015. This will ensure a powerful outreach campaign by the film when it is released in 2016.

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