Runaway are a world leading creator of games inspired by nature. From spectacular coral reefs to lush rainforests, their games entertain as they educate, bringing light into their players day through mobile phones and tablets.

The company prides itself on a holistic approach to creation and operation of their products, with the design, production, marketing, quality assurance, and customer support teams working in a constant iteration loop to improve the player experience.

The accessible, beautiful experiences that the Runaway games provide bring over 3 million people back again and again to play the latest titles, Flutter and Splash.


Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary

Care for your own rainforest and raise butterflies through their incredible life cycle. Use your touch to bring light and life into the environment and assemble spectacular butterfly collections!

Each butterfly is a vibrant, artistically expressive depiction of a real life species with stunning wing patterns and unique behavioral characteristics. Players can collect endless varieties of brilliantly colored flora and fauna to attract new butterfly species. From chrysalis to caterpillar to butterfly, players foster these delicate creatures with pollen and help the rainforest thrive.



Splash: Underwater Sanctuary

This is the ocean adventure you’ve been waiting for! From the creators of Flutter comes Splash, the spectacular new game that challenges you to restore life to a beautiful underwater world. 

As a reef caretaker, the fate of a vibrant and diverse ecosystem is in your hands. With the population of the ocean dwindling, you must raise and release a multitude of species to repopulate and fill it with life. Along the way be sure to keep your Aquapedia handy, as you’ll document exciting real-life facts about each species you uncover. Watch in wonder as your sanctuary comes to life, teeming with creatures that are both visually stunning and unique in personality and behavior. 

So take the plunge! Splash is overflowing with eye-catching fish, beautiful ocean environments and relaxing gameplay that is sure to keep you entertained for hours to come.